More Time to Do What You Do Best

As a healthcare organization or independent medical practice, you already have your hands full with patient care and daily operations — the last thing you need is to waste time with easily outsourced processes. LBMC’s Single Source MSO services are specifically designed to meet you where you are with tailored packages to support your practice’s unique needs. By choosing from a turn-key or a la carte menu of business solutions, clients can receive services that are customizable, yet coordinated — all from a single provider.

Our goal is to provide the support, resources and expertise you need so you have more time for doing what you do best: taking care of patients. And we’ll be there as your practice grows, offering a scalable solution to get you to the next level.

Management 服务 Organization (MSO) 服务

  • 会计服务
  • 人力资源外包(HRO) / PEO 服务
  • 技术解决方案
  • 收入循环服务

Success Story: New Mexico Heart Institute


Guide to Management 服务 Organization (MSO)



MSOs Give Physicians Time to Do Wha…

Managed 服务 Organization Leadership Team

Link to Mark Management 服务 Organization (MSO)

Mark 阿姆斯特朗

Shareholder, 医疗保健 Consulting

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Link to 安德鲁 Management 服务 Organization (MSO)

安德鲁 麦当劳

Shareholder, Practice Leader Physician Business 解决方案, LLC and 医疗保健 Consulting

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Link to 沙龙 Management 服务 Organization (MSO)

沙龙 Powlus

President/CEO, Employment Partners

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Link to 塔米 Management 服务 Organization (MSO)

塔米 沃尔克特

Chief Executive Officer, LBMC W Squared, LLC

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Link to 杰夫 Management 服务 Organization (MSO)

杰夫 McCorpin

Chief Executive Officer, 技术解决方案

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